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The decisions you make today will protect you and your family in the future. Deterrent Dogs LLc focuses on crime prevention to reduce and deter crime and criminals. Reduce your risk of becoming a victim with the best protection dogs on the market.

Meet The Owners

Jan Brejcak

Co-founder & owner

Jan Brejcak was born and raised in Czechoslovakia. Jan started to train his first dog at the young age of 6, by 11 years old he had won his first local competition. He then went on as a junior and won the Slovakian National Championship twice as well as winning the Czech National Championship. Jan also has experience training dogs for European and international titles as well as breeding programs. While training professionally Jan was asked to bring his skill set to the United States where he began training family and personal protection dogs.

“I have always been fascinated with protection work, even from a very young age. I admire the strong powerful dogs and how they can demonstrate their power within training. I focused years and dedicated my life on learning from the best trainers for protection in Europe because I wanted to become the best in the industry.” – Jan Brejcak

Jans background training dogs for World Championship, law-enforcement and personal protection has lead him to deterrent and family protection dogs. This gives him the clear image of what qualities and training makes the perfect and most functional protection dogs. Jan prides himself on delivering the best equality dogs imported from Europe and training to satisfy all his clients needs.

“I have a law degree from Slovakia and business administration degree from Germany. I am fluent in German, English, Slovak, Czech, and polish. I want to apply my skills to help give our clients the best customer service our company can provide.” – Jan Brejcak

Vannessa Denese

Co-founder & owner

Vannessa Denese was born and raised in Southern New Hampshire. Vannessa grew up training horses and working in her family owned grooming shop in their local town. She has an extensive history of animal care roles, dog training and management experience. She applied her experience and expertise to start her own company focusing on obedience training for the public.

“At a young age I was working as a primary delivery trainer for various protection dog companies and spent a large portion of my career traveling the United States delivering to clientele.” – Vannessa Denese

Vannessa’s experience working with clients has given her an advantage to understand what is most important to clients and their families. She has attention to detail, patience and dependability that help her match the ideal dog to each individual or family. Vannessa emphasizes how important every detail matters when pairing a protection or deterrent dog to a new home. Customized training is priority depending on the client’s preference and lifestyle.

“I’ve had the opportunity to perfect my training techniques and now I want to focus on what I care about the most, ensuring that clients get the most out of their new family members. We want to ensure the dog is giving every individual or family the security they need.”
– Vannessa Denese

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Your safety is important to us! Whether you’re inquiring about an available dog, have a question, or researching companies, please contact us via phone or e-mail. You can also utilize our live chat to speak with a trainer during normal business hours.

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