Belgian Malinois

by | Mar 25, 2024

Belgian Malinois protection dog

The popularity of Belgian Malinois has skyrocketed in the last decade. I can remember probably 15-20 years ago when I had my first Belgian Malinois. A lot of people were skeptical about this breed. A lot of German Shepherd trainers and breeders switched to Belgian Malinois because of their trainability. In this blog, some information about Belgian Malinois is provided. 

Belgian Malinois Standard 

The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with dry, strong muscle, fitting into a square, rustic, used to the open air, and built to resist the frequent atmospheric variations of the Belgian climate. Over the years, there has been a significant difference in the look, color, and size of Belgian Malinois in Belgium, France, and Germany. 

Belgian Malinois socialization training 

Proper socialization is the key to future success with every dog. The Belgian Malinois puppies have to be taken to different places to give them positive experiences in different situations. For first-time Belgian Malinois puppy owners, it is recommended to speak to professionals who have experience with this breed. 

Belgian Malinois trainability 

Malinois is known for its training abilities. In all kinds of dog sports, such as schutzhund( IGP), agility, or KMPV (Royal Dutch Police Dog Post), Belgian Malinois learn very quickly and excel in obedience and protection training, especially. It is important; they do need an experienced trainer who can handle their temperament and energy. 

Health of Belgian Malinois 

The Belgian Malinois has no serious genetic issues like some other dog breeds. It is standard that Belgian Malinois breeders in Europe test their dogs for hip and elbow dysplasia. We at Deterrent Dogs LLc do more extensive testing before importing future Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs to us. We do physical exams, blood tests, and x-rays to be sure we import the best quality for our clients. 

How to care about Belgian Malinois 

The common question is, does Belgian Malinois she? The answer is yes, they do. It is nothing dramatic, and two times a year you can brush them or use dog vacuums, which helps minimize having hair everywhere. Except for this, there is not much difference between two dogs. Make sure that you 

  • Check the ears regularly and clean 
  • Check the teeth.
  • Make sure your dog is updated on vaccines. 
  • Using tick and flea treatment 
  • Deworming regularly 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Belgian Malinois life expectancy?

The life expectancy of Belgian Maliois is 14–16 years. This can also vary depending on the health, condition, and environment. A nutrient-balanced diet can extend the dog’s lifespan. 

Are Malinois good family dogs?

With proper training and socialization, Malinois can be a family dog. It needs regular physical, but also mental, exercise to manage the energy. Not-trained Belgian Malinois can be a night mare. 

How much does a Belgian Malinois puppy cost?

The price can really vary from breeder to breeder. Depending on the quality of the parents, the number of puppies, and other aspects, the price can be between $2,500 and $5,000. It is very important to know what my goal is with the dog. If someone looking for a companion does not need a high-drive puppy from KMPV breeding.

Black Malinois

The standard color for Malinois is fawn or mahogany. As a side product of breeding very dark mahogany malinois, some breeders have solid black malinois. Those dogs are good-looking dogs, but they are not recognized by the FCI (Federation of Chemistry International), and those dogs can’t be used for breeding in Europe. 

Belgian Malinois is also known as Belgian Shepherd, Malinois, or Pastor Belga. 

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