Benefits of a deterrent dog

by | Oct 1, 2020

Deterrent dog

Despite the fact that a protection dog is controllable in every situation, owners can be intimidated by their power. Deterrent dogs are an alternative for anyone looking for less power with the same performance.

So clients come with a request, can I have a protection dog that detects and prevents by using only an aggressive alert. Thats why we created this unique program.

We focus on detection and prevention. What does this mean in practice? We train dogs to deter impending attacks with an aggressive alert. Within training we focus on preventing an attack and not the fighting and biting skills like in a protection dog program. The focus is on eliminating the attack even if the offending attacker is passive. Dogs in our deterrent programs have experience with bite development but the whole focus is on prevention and detection, turning on and turning off with one command in any situation; in contrast training within our protection dog programs crossbows on the whole body with extensive training in bite development and a complex aggressive alert without a leash to secure the handler. 

Deterrent dogs are selected at average size or commonly females for better travel by air or ground as they are intended to be a daily guide whether at work or running errands.

Who will benefit the most from a Deterrent Dog

Physical Limitations

Lack of strength or lack of mobility can be disadvantages and can leave people vulnerable to crime and threats. Deterrent dogs are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to increase their safety but also have a dog with service dog training. 

College Students

As a parent we want what’s best for our children and safety is always a concern. With the uncertainty of your child moving away to college maybe you wish to send your family protection dog along for the experience; but then who will protect your property and the remaining family members within the home? Maybe the responsibility of a highly trained elite or family protection dog is too much for a young adult with their focus being on studies and friends. 

With a deterrent dog you can feel comfortable investing in a dog for your child that will be reliable and easy to control in everyday life. Putting your mind at ease as a parent to know your child is protected, whether they bring the dog on their first date, the local college party, or studying in the library. You can’t carry a gun onto campus, but you can walk a dog.


Domestic violence and sexual assault victims are often left with post-traumatic stress disorder or are impacted from their experiences in some way, whether it is short term or long term. Anger, irritability, anxiety, and fear are among many signs of PTSD; it is common to experience intense emotions after a traumatic event. Some symptoms may hinder a survivor from living life the way they used to, confidently being independent within their own homes, walking to their car, going for a jog, or interacting with the public.

You might be wondering what does this have to do with a trained dog to prevent crime, but this is what deterrent dogs were designed for; a dog to give or help regain independence to a person that needs support and a sense of security from impending threats. Service dogs for PTSD have helped veterans tremendously, so why not apply the same for domestic and sexual assault survivors with the added security?

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