Protection during the COVID 19 pandemic

by | Nov 8, 2020

Belgian Malinois protection dog

The coronavirus has effected life of many people on the planet. We have a lot information on the symptoms of COVID- 19; but know less about the impact it will have on our economy. 

The first wave of COVID-19

The first wave of coronavirus was very chaotic. Fear swept the nation while some people stayed skeptical.  Death rates started to climb not only in Europe but in the United States as well. Every country started to implement their own regulations. Many countries followed mandates of social distancing and wearing masks. During this time businesses were voluntarily closing or being forced to close due to the uncertainty of the situation. The businesses that did stay open were losing employees and customers due to the “stay at home” guidelines or sickness of COVID-19. At this time it became clear to the nation how serious this coronavirus would be; not only for our health but for our economy as well. Every nation stayed hopeful that this would soon come to an end and the spread would slow down or dissipate within the start of summer. 

Summer time not corona time

Slowly countries started to lift “stay at home” orders. Businesses started to reopen. Some people felt comfortable enough to travel, while some stayed home. A second wave of COVID-19 was said to be expected September through October; because of colder weather and flu season. What would the impact be on the people? Coronavirus has proven to have a mental and financial strain on individuals. Mandatory lock downs have lead to protests and disorder throughout Europe. 

It is unclear how long the coronavirus will hinder society. Are we prepared for the same results as Europe? People can become irate over any mandates that challenge their constitutional rights.The unpredictability of the situation causes stress on our system. This creates fear of not only health, but also of safety from other people.

Deterrent Dogs LLc during this time

During this unpredictable time Deterrent Dogs LLc is doing business as usual. Our specialized experience and many years in this industry has prepared us to continue business from the onset of COVID-19. We are able to deliver each dog within the United States and Europe in-person to instruct handling. For the countries where we can not arrive due to travel restrictions we have the option to still deliver the dog. Our customer services is just as good as the time without coronavirus. We are offering the same support and customer service as we did prior to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Deterrent Dogs LLc sells highly trained protection dogs for every situation to increase safety for our clients. The dogs are trained and prepared for every situation including inside the house, outside the house, in the car or on the street. Each dog easily transfers to a new handler and acclimates to a new home environment. At night or during the day our dogs are ready for any threat whether active or passive. Deterrent Dogs LLc doesn’t only prepare the protection dog for every situation but also prepares the client as well.

Concerns for safety

COVID-19 has proven to be a difficult situation. On-going stresses and economic pressure causes people to act out on their emotions in negative ways. Coronavirus has been devastating and it’s uncertain what the outcome may be. This year in 2020 has been a rollercoaster of events. Most recently there has been reports of terrorist attacks in France and Vienna; churches being set on fire midst protests in Chile and Poland. Crime is always present; in good times and in bad times. In these unprecedented times the demand is high for more protection. Owning a protection dog is not only beneficial now but always.

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