Riot control training for your protection dog

by | Nov 1, 2020

“Riot control training for your protection dog”

Deterrent Dogs LLc offers riot control protection training that can be utilized to keep yourself safe during these uncertain times. Protection dogs can be customized with tactical training; this ensures safety in every environment. 

Protest vs. Riot

Lately, we’ve seen protests and riots during the onset of COVID-19 and the BLM movement. A protest is public expression of an objection or disapproval of an action or idea. This can show in the form of individual or mass demonstrations. This is not to be confused with rioting. A riot is a form of civil disorder. During a riot it is common to see a group of people showing violence and public unrest towards authority, property, and people. In the past riots have been demonstrated because of a dissent or grievance.

Maintaining Control 

During a riot police dogs are seen being used as a non-lethal resource to regain control and apprehend threats. In this case you see a dog showing aggression at the end of a leash. The dog lashes out at any person that comes close. Riots are difficult to control due to their chaotic and herd like formation. Authorities have the responsibility to prevent further disruption and damage to persons or property. Regaining order during a riot can prove to be a tough task for law enforcement.  Property damage can be measured at the amount of a dollar cost. What about the fatalities of human life?

Deterrent Dogs LLc offers protection dogs that are specifically trained to protect an individual during a riot. Just like police personnel have special training to tactically handle a given scenario. It is important that your dog is well prepared as well as yourself during this dangerous situation. It is a common belief that riots only happen in major cities but there has been cases of riots merging into neighborhoods and suburbs. In this case it is better to be over prepared. 

Protection Dog Training

It is most efficient to see a dog using the “aggressive alert” command during a riot. This means to show aggression on leash. It’s common for the dog to seem “out of control” with high drive; pulling on the leash while showing aggression and vocalization of barking. In this case the dog is actively trying to get to the threat to bite. During the “aggressive alert” command the dog can freely swing back and forth lashing out at any threat close enough to land a bite. This pushes threats away from the handler. A common concern would be that once the dog bites one threat does that leave us vulnerable? Our dogs are specifically trained to handle these types of situations. Deterrent Dogs LLc takes protection to another level with our advanced protection commands, control and precise biting skills. 

Deterrent Dogs LLc specialized training is important during a riot or when dealing with a large group of active threats. The dog is trained to show aggression making a perimeter around the handler. Any threat that comes close the dog will redirect focus on backing that person away. If the dog were to bite to stop the threat the handler can use the command “pust”. This command will have the dog release the bite and be accompanied with an automatic “secure handler”. This allows the dog then to protect you and bite when needed. During this scenario it gives you enough security to back away from the impending threats and retreat to a safe place. 

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