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by | Feb 17, 2024

Czech Shepherds| Deterrent Dogs LLc

The Czech Shepherd is exactly as good-known as the German Shepherd. The reason is that the Czech Shepherd is actually a regular German Shepherd. The name is connected to German Shepherds coming from Czechoslovakia. 

The Czech Shepherd’s History 

The Czechoslovakia was a country connected to two countries, Czechoslovakia and Slovakia. The breeding program of the Czech Shepherds was regulated and financed by the government. The goal of the breeding was to produce quality German Shepherds able to protect the border. 

Unlimited sources of money and opportunities to monitor and test puppies and adults throughout their lives made the Czech Shepherd a super dog. 

Physical traits: The Czech shepherd is more massive and has a strong head in relation to the West German shepherd. These dogs are medium or large in size, often weighing over 100 pounds. Most Czech Shepherds are dark-sabled or black-sabled German Shepherds. The people who saw the German Shepherd just on TV often thought it was the Dutch Shepherd. 

Personality: Czech Shepherds are ideal dogs for personal protection. These dogs have a very strong personality; they love their families and are great with children. They do accept other people, but they don’t need to be friends with everyone; they just ignore other people. For everyone who is looking for a family protection dog or a larger estate, the Czech Shepherd is a great choice.

Training: Protection training is their life. Czech shepherds have very strong, deep bark and strong bites. With the right training, they can turn on and off everywhere. The obedience is fun; they learn fast; it doesn’t matter if it’s agility or trick training; they do learn quickly.

We at Deterrent Dogs LLc focus on the highest quality of Czech Shepherds.

Not just bullet-proof training but also strong health and a beautiful look are the criteria. The most common misconception is that the dog is a Czech shepherd and will automatically be a good protection dog. We test a large number of dogs every year until we select the best protection dogs for our programs. Jan, co-founder of Deterrent Dogs LLc, is from Slovakia. He knows all of the dogs but also the best breeders. This connection allows us to have the highest quality protection dogs. 

The Czech Shepherd is also named Czechoslovakian Shepherd, Czech and Slovak Shepherd, Czechoslovak Shepherd, Czech German Shepherd, or Slovak German Shepherd. 

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Especially check out Grizzly; this dog has an extremely strong pedigree. In his pedigree, dogs from the legendary Boarder Patrol Kennel, Z Pohraniční Stráže (or z PS),

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