protection trained German shepherd female



Beautiful bicolor protection dog for sale.

Nika has a personality everyone adores. She’s approachable for people and children but don’t let this fool you her bark and bite is powerful. She makes a statement that says “I will protect my owner at all costs” . She’s a standard size female with a very strong and muscular body but the sweetest personality of a care giver with gentle eyes. She loves to travel and accompany her owner anywhere.

Nika is eager to please and serve her handler. She is a great household companion when not working. Nika is exceptional with children and gets along with other dogs both males and females.

Nika is a great candidate for families of children of all ages, other dogs, and cats. Nika would also be happy if it was just you!

Nika is 2 years old. Daughter from Hercules vom Großen ex. Nika’s grandpa is world champion in IGP sport Chris spod Lazov. Nikas hips and elbows have the best results from the union for a German Shepherd.

Nika has high drive and a natural ability not seen in many females.  Her protection speaks for itself, she’s a real life fur missile. We love watching her work as she gives 100% with every bark and bite willing to apprehend a threat of any size.

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