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Grizzly is an amazing looking black sable German Shepherd offered in our Elite Protection Dog program. 

Grizzly has a lot of life experience and countless hours of training. He is very easy to handle within obedience and can be handled by a young teenager. He is extremely loyal to his handlers and would put his life on the line for them. He thoroughly enjoys being with his handler and will lie down for hours in an office if it means being next to that special someone. Grizzly is very affectionate with his handler and bonds quickly with new people, especially females. Grizzly is accustomed to being on a plane, boat, and traveling by car.

Grizzly has amazing manners out in public. Outdoor restaurant? No problem. Shopping mall? He’ll be there! 

But don’t let this fool you, Grizzly is vigilant. He is the dog you want by your side walking home alone at night, stopping at a gas station in a “not so good” part of town. He will always been aware of his surroundings and he will be looking for your verbal direction to assure you’re safe.

Are you looking for a stable dog that is also territorial of the home? Grizzly is your guy. He will alert you to anyone on the property or trying to enter. With a simple command you can also turn him “off” (stop alerting) just as quickly. 

His black sable color is extremely beautiful and gets attention anywhere he go. It is almost impossible to find a dog like him because he is structured perfectly between his color and confirmation. When Grizzly was an adolescent, even as a working line German Shepherd, he won a show against show line dogs. We can say he is the prototype of a German Shepherd.

Grizzly is not just beautiful, he is also very smart. His training includes heeling on the left side, right side, between the legs, positions at a distance, and many tricks.

In protection he “turns on” everywhere, he knows all commands to protect his owner in any situation. This includes both on and off leash obedience and protection! One simple command and he will place himself between you and a threat to protect you. 

He can hold an attacker in a bark position and protect his owner if someone wants to come closer. His training also includes car protection, release and recall in protection and so much more!

If you are looking for an elite protector with a look to astonish but deter people, Grizzly is the dog for you.

For any information about this extraordinary dog please contact us via email or give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss his Grizzly is the right dog for you!


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