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Elite Protection Dog for sale

Elite protection dog Ace is available for anyone looking for perfection! This amazing looking German Shepherd is currently 100 pounds and 27.55 inches tall. Ace is that dog who gets attention everywhere he goes. People are just amazed from his size, look and confidence. You can’t see a dog like him every day.  Out of obedience and protection Ace is a very calm dog who likes to be pet and enjoy attention from his owner. His obedience is very nice, fast and with every movement he makes sure to show how much he wants to make his owner happy.  In protection he is comparable to a lion with extremely hard and strong bites. His bites are so strong that we do not take any bites with the undercover sleeve from him; The risk that he can break the arm is too high. For his size Ace is very fast on long attacks.  Ace has everything what we would wish from a protection dog. Amazing appearance, confidence, great obedience and powerful protection…SIZE. There is no limitation for this dog. He can be around children, dogs of all sizes/genders and other animals including cats.

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