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One of the most inspiring protection dogs for sale. Remo is a dog that we don’t come across that often. When we do, we have hit the jackpot. 

Large, intimidating, and protective. Gentle with his owner but strong against intruders. 

 Remo has the presence that will make anyone think twice before approaching. He is territorial and will protect any and all property that you ask of him. This includes your yard, home, vehicle, a specific room, or warehouse.

He transfers handlers easy and bonds quickly. Remo is confident and shows this by a wise calm demeanor ready for any situation.  

Remo shows strong functional protection to protect his owner and family against any threat. He is the type of dog that would give his life just for his owner. He certainly lives for his humans. 

He’s sharp and quick to react, but also enjoys relaxing in the home while you work or watch television. Surely he will be right by your side without even asking him. 

He’s a true bodyguard and has a soft spot for women. He will be happy to accompany you anywhere. Remo enjoys swimming, hiking, and fetch. 

Remo was raised in home by an older gentlemen. Remo is very intuitive and demonstrates patience. 

With Remo, you will never have to question his efforts. He is a true workhorse when it comes to his job. Once your in his “circle” it is the best and safest place to be.


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