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Family Protection dog Ciro

Very talented young German Shepherd Ciro is offered in our Family Protection Program.

Ciro is a young adult with a very sweet personality. He was raised with one of our foster families to be the perfect family protection dog.

In this family was also an adult Bernese Mountain Dog and German Shepherd puppy. Three children between the ages of 4-13 years old were around him all the time; they were able to take him for a walk, feed him and play with him. Because of his sweet personality, Ciro always looks like he could smile.

In obedience Ciro is very motivated and willing to work with his handler. His on an off leash obedience is functional in every setting whether you’re at home or in public. He is easy to handle even for the first time dog owner. I could trust my 10 year old to take him for a walk, alone!

Ciro’s sweet personality doesn’t affect his protection work. He is a beast, with a very strong vocal presence. His bites are full and strong, almost hard to believe it’s the same dog! Seeing him work in protection you’ll have no doubt he would protect you at all costs, and thoroughly enjoys what he does!

This amazing dog can also be trained in a higher program depending on clients needs. We plan to continue his training and advance him to a higher level – cost will reflect this! 

Off leash obedience and protection is already included in our Family Protection Dog program.

His is the ideal protection dog for any family! Especially with small children or other pets or multiple having handlers having to care for him. 

If you are seriously interested in this amazing dog, schedule a phone call with Vannessa to help you on the purchase process.


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