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Maximus bi-color personal protection dog offered for sale. He is 19 month old, very nice looking German Shepherd imported from Europe.

We have known Max since he was 10 weeks old. Max is the nephew of Aron, a previously sold protection dog by Deterrent Dogs LLc.

Regularly every Sunday Max visited the Schutzhund club where he was socialized around dogs and people. He started basic obedience and did some protection foundation. At the age of 6 months Max was already advanced in protection biting a sleeve made for adult dogs.

Max continued visiting the Schutzhund club and successfully completed Bh-sk and Bh-VT (both obedience titles).

Max was raised around children (boys ages 6, 11, 15 and 17 and a girl aged 3). He is also safe around cats; they come to him, eat from his bowl and he doesn’t care.

Since addition training Max is very well in obedience and super easy to handle. His protection is amazing. We are working on all exercises to make him the ideal protection dog for anyone who wants to increase their safety.

Max is offered in our Family Protection Dog Program. This includes full off leash obedience with advanced protection commands such as the “secure handler” and “focus”. Max will excel at fighting skills, sends, chases, and obstacles.

For any questions about Max or other available protection dogs contact Vannessa by phone or email. She will be happy to help match everyone with the right dog.


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