Zak Family protection dog for sale



Young and bold protection dog Zak is offered in our Family Protection program. Zak is a beautiful show line German Shepherd.

We have been so excited watching this dog grow and mature into the dog he is today! He as exceeded our expectations and continues to “wow” us everyday, showing us how much potential this dog really does have. He’s going to make someone a really nice companion and protector.

Zak was raised from a puppy by the co-founder and sales managing director Vannessa Denese. He was surrounded by her sons, ages 8 and 1 years old daily. Zak is suitable for families with children of all ages.

He was also raised with another male dog and a cat within the home. He gets along with everyone big or small, whether that’s a human or animal.

Zak has a very sweet and happy go lucky personality; happy to go with his family everywhere!

He loves to play ball or happy to fetch a stick! He’s happy going for evening walks following along the baby stroller or being around the chaos of kids playing in the yard or play room. He’s just happy to be involved.

Don’t let that handsome face and sweet demeanor fool you, he has a fierce bark to warn any intruder or threat to stay away from his family!

The show line shepherds are typical for show, showing how pretty they are… Zak has both the looks and working ability; he is a hard dedicated worker and eager to please. Zak is very easy to handle in obedience and is a “people pleaser”.

Cook out? No problem, this guy will hangout on the deck.

Children’s party? No problem, this guy will greet the guests.

Want a relaxing night in? He’s napping by your feet!

Want to go hiking? He’s game!

Intruder breaking into your home in the middle of the night!? Oh, you’ll hear about it and he’ll handle it!

We predict Zak will mature to around 90-100 pounds by 2 years of age. Oh, and take a look at that big dark face!

Zak is truly one of the sweetest dogs we ever had; he’s looking for the best suitable family or person to give him their time and he will give his life.

If you are interested in Zak or you have any questions about the purchase process, give us a call. Vannessa will be happy to guide you through the process.

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