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Dexter is a stunning 90 pound German Shepherd with a strong body structure.

Dexter was raised in a family with 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. For most of his up bringing he spent his time with the 13 year old boy and his friends. He knows how to play with older children including taking toys carefully and play gentle.

He spent the first 10 months his life getting used to diverse environments and being acclimated to home life with children and other pets. Dexter is very confident with his surroundings and has been exposed to a lot in his young life.

Dexter has a very nice personality with an extreme presence in protection. His large size and power shows within his aggressive alert and secure handler command. He will put fear in any threat.

Dexter has precision within his obedience with speed and focus.

As Dexter has matured in age we have continued his training to add the advanced protection commands and obedience for our Family Protection Program. This includes the secure handler commands, which is the off leash protection.

In everyday life Dexter is just a big puppy with a happy, funny personality. He loves to go for walks and he will not leave the side of his owner.

Dexter is great dog for someone who is a first time protection dog owner. He is easy to handle and the training will transfer to his new handler smoothly.


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