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Protection dog for sale, Megy, is an incredible female German shepherd. Megy body structure is solid with a large head, especially for a female.

Megy has completed our Family Protection Dog program which includes complete off leash control within obedience and protection.

Outside of protection Megy is easy going and eager to please her handler. She is great with other dogs as well as children.
She is agile and extreme for a female.

Megy will be the protection dog that enjoys accompanying you on all family vacations. She’s a joy to be around and presents herself well. She has the “flashy” obedience everyone is in “aw” to see. She’s a protection dog plus so much more!

She is strong in protection and her bites are full and hard. She is a “flyer” which means long distant sends she will fly through the air to catch a bite; similar to the performance of a Belgian malinois. Megy’s father is working as a police K9 in Slovakia.

She turns on in every situation quickly and she is extremely vocal. She has a sweet personality and bonds quickly with her handler.

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