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Elite Family Protection Dog For Sale

Introducing Hulk, the exceptional black German Shepherd who is trained and prepared to provide ultimate security for your family. Often, we receive inquiries from people wondering if Hulk is indeed a German Shepherd. Yes, he is! Many people are familiar with the classic image of a German Shepherd seen on TV, but few are aware that these dogs come in various colors.

Protection Dog Training

Hulk boasts an impressive pedigree with a lineage of Schutzhund champions. His father has successfully competed in world championships, and many other dogs in his pedigree are renowned throughout Europe.

Growing up with a k9 handler who primarily focuses on detection work, Hulk has developed a protective dog personality. Through his routine work visits to different locations and interactions with many individuals, he has become well-socialized. Even in bustling train stations with thousands of people, where other dogs may feel uncomfortable, Hulk remains calm and relaxed as if he were in his own living room.

His gentle nature immediately wins the hearts of everyone he meets. Hulk has been trained in our Family Protection Program, where he has acquired unmatched off-leash and on-leash obedience skills, as well as functional protection training. This combination makes him an ideal choice for a family security dog. His innate protectiveness is evident through his deep and strong bark, deterring anyone who may consider trespassing. Making the best guard dog for property, individuals, and families!

This beautiful young German Shepherd is currently located in the USA.

If you are interested in this unique dog, please feel free to give us a call. Vannessa, our co-founder and Master Trainer with years of experience, will be more than happy to address any questions you may have about Hulk.

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