Elite Protection Dog Program by Deterrent Dogs LLc

Elite protection dogs, particularly breeds such as the German Shepherd, are remarkable. Not only for their commanding presence but also for their exceptional performance and trainability. These dogs are often distinguished by their imposing size and intense protection, ultimately standing out above the rest.

Cost of an Elite Protection Dog

Priced between $100,000 and $180,000, our elite protection dogs are a rare breed, both in terms of appearance and exceptional performance. Their extraordinary attributes make them quite unique. Elite protection dogs availability is exclusive.

In the realm of protection, these dogs are incomparable. They are not simply above average in size, but they give off an intensity that is exceptional when it comes to protection abilities.

Training of Elite Protection Dogs

Elite protection dogs are proficient in advanced protection skills, ranging from conducting searches and guarding possessions to car protection. Their fighting skills are formidable. They are trained to perform muzzle attacks for problem solving skills and intensity of the “fight” if ever challenged by a threat.

These dogs exhibit not only advanced obedience skills but also an array of tricks that showcase their intelligence and training. They are highly skilled at performing unique tricks such as “weave”, “beg”, “spin”, “bang bang” (play dead) and “roll over”. This is a testament to their agility and quick learning. In addition, they are well-versed in advanced obedience skills. These skills include left and right side heeling and positioning themselves in between the handler’s legs, showcasing their precision and discipline. These are just some examples of what’s available in the Elite Protection Dog Program by Deterrent Dogs LLc.

Elite Protection Dog vs Level 5 Protection Dog

“Elite Protection Dogs” and “Level 5 Protection Dogs” are interchangeable terminologies. Often we see it used to define the same training program. Various entities may use a diverse range of titles to indicate programs with similar expectations and inclusions.

Even though they can signify the same concept, at Deterrent Dogs LLc, we veer from the conventional categorization of dogs into levels. Instead, our focus is on articulating the specificities of our training programs, thereby providing a clear title of what each program is.

Elite Protection Dog Overview

Elite protection dogs by Deterrent Dogs LLc undergo rigorous training to reach the highest level of protective skills. Their training includes advanced off-leash obedience, ensuring absolute control even in challenging situations. This makes them highly dependable protection dogs, capable of providing unmatched protection while simultaneously demonstrating impeccable manners and discipline.

The German Shepherd, among other breeds such as the Doberman Pinscher with their intelligence and versatility, illustrates these qualities, making it a preferred choice for this elite category. Elite protection dogs are not just defined by training commands, but by the exceptional quality of the individual dog itself.

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