Why do executives buy protection dogs?

by | Apr 14, 2024

Why do executives buy protection dogs? protection dogs

The protection dog market changed over the last 20 years. Protection dogs used to be seen as dogs for celebrities or professional athletes. The market changed, and more executives buy Protection Dogs by Deterrent Dogs LLc.

Why executives buy Protection Dogs by Deterrent Dogs LLc

 The reason why executives buy protection dogs from Deterrent Dogs LLc is the unparalleled service we offer. Our aim is to provide you protection and a family member, not just sell. 

Other Aspects

  • Limited number of dogs 
  • Matching the right dog 
  • In-home delivery 
  • Constant support 

 Limited number of dogs 

We don’t have dogs for everyone; we have been asked why we have such a limited number of dogs. We are focusing on quality, not quantity, and offering and selling just the dogs we have and know. The majority of the dogs we offer are German Shepherds because they are the best fit for families.

Matching the right dog 

Looking at clients lifestyles and needs is crucial to matching the right dog with the right owner. The young executives who purchased dogs from us interviewed multiple companies. The reason they decided to buy a trained family protection dog from us was that we took the time to answer all their questions. 

In-home delivery 

Every executive protection dog will be delivered personally by the owner of Deterrent Dogs LLc, Jan Brejcak. During the three days, clients learn how to handle their new companion. The concept of owning a fully trained protection dog may be new to the client, so we spend the time to make sure they are comfortable with the new adjustment. 

  • Handler instructions 
  • Introducing family members 
  • Introducing current pets living in the house 
  • Answering questions
  • Protection training 

 Constant support 

The limited number of dogs gives us the opportunity to communicate with the owners directly. They don’t need to wait till they get to the office; they can ask the trainer or owner for an answer and receive it almost immediately my phone call, text, email or zoom. Usually, after the first month, all questions are answered; we stay in touch with our clients because they then become friends with us. 


There are several reasons why executives buy protection dogs. Most common are safety concerns for themselves or for their families. As our client Ahmed said, “if I am not home, I know my wife and my children are safe with our protection dog.” 

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