Family Protection Dog Program by Deterrent Dogs LLc

Trained dogs offered in our Family protection dog program are the most common choice for clients looking for family security dogs. They are notable for their great performance and strong presence. Family protection dogs are frequently raised among kids and other pets.

Our family protection dogs are used to living with kids of varying ages. When changing handlers and houses, they are adaptable. They exhibit a strong commitment to their protection training abilities and a strong work ethic. Family protection dogs are characterized by their tolerance and kind disposition in addition to their breed and level of training.

Cost of a Family Protection Dog

Priced between $45,000 and $65,000, our family protection dogs are highly desirable. They are very popular among families looking to add a protection dog to their household. Trained dogs in our Family Protection Dog Program are commonly bought by clients with a busy lifestyle, travelers, and even for estate protection. They are well diverse and easily acclimated, with strong functional protection.

Training of Family Protection Dogs

Family Protection Dog Program offers functional protection in any situation and unmatched off-leash obedience with minimal maintenance. Their fighting skills are strong, and they are trained to problem solve. Family protection dogs will greet a guest but also turn on just as quick when commanded to do so. They are highly skilled and easy to handle for even a first time dog owner.

These trained dogs give you functional obedience on and off leash. Protection training is utilized for on and off leash. This includes the “secure handler” command to position them self between you and a threat. They have an “attack” command to bite and apprehend the threat with an off leash release and recall.

Family Protection Dog vs Level 4 Protection Dog

Clients commonly ask what the comparison of “Family Protection Dogs” and “Level 4 Protection Dogs” are. This is a difficult questions as we don’t use levels to describe our training programs. To identify programs with comparable contents, different organizations may use a wide variety of titles. Family protection dogs could be seen as described from level 2-5 it all depends on the training, quality of dog, and who uses what terms.

At Deterrent Dogs LLc, we deviate from the traditional classification of dogs into levels, even though they can represent the same idea. Our emphasis lies in clearly defining the features of our training programs, which helps to give each one a distinct title.

Family Protection Dog Overview

Trained protection dogs within our Family protection dog program are popular family security dogs known for their performance, trainability, and adaptability. They are trained to provide functional protection in various situations, with a strong work ethic and tolerance.

The Family Protection Dog Program offers trained dogs for busy lifestyles, travelers, and estate protection. These dogs are well-diversified and easily acclimated, offering strong fighting skills and problem-solving abilities.

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