How much does a protection dog cost?

by | Oct 25, 2020

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How much does a protection dog cost? This is one of the most common questions. 

Protection dogs have a price tag that reflect quality and training. The price for a protection dog is $35,000 to $350,000 and sometimes more. Each individual dog can have personality traits and a physical appearance that help add value. The quality of training is most important to determine what you are paying for when purchasing a protection dog. There is a lot of time and money put into the raising and training of a quality protection dog. 

It is very important having full control and be able to handle the dog in every situation. It’s easier to maintain commands and performance of the dog in daily routine or in a public setting when controlled without a leash. With one command the dog should obey even when you are multitasking or your dog is across the room. This is helpful when doing daily tasks for example, carrying groceries or doing the dishes. The off leash obedience is beneficial for any owner of a protection dog and will show its true value, especially within protection.

A protection dog should show the ability of having functional protection training. This means turning on (showing aggression) and attacking on command or queue. It is important to know what the difference between “show” or “sport” and “functional” protection is. Dogs with “show” or “sport” protection tend to only preform with a decoy (mock threat) help or handler help to turn on and bite; this is commonly seen as an active decoy having a visible bite sleeve with a stick or whip stimulating a dog into showing aggression.

Dogs with “functional” protection will turn on in any scenario without the help from the decoy or visible bite protection equipment. In every day life a threat can act differently and we categorize them by saying “active threat” or “passive threat”. Some protection dogs on the market rely on an aggressive active threat to show aggression, but the value in a true protection dog is that they turn on whether the threat is actively coming towards you or if the threat is passive showing no signs of being an actual threat.  

Within the market there is a preference of the over all appearance of a protection dog; what some people might value might be a negative trait for another. When purchasing a protection dog there are overall general demand on certain colors, gender and size. Supply and demand can help contribute to the price of a protection dog, as an average weight dog is easier to supply than an oversize dog that is scarce. 

Most importantly a protection dog should be social and good around people, children and other pets. What good is a protection dog if they have to be separated from other people or the public? Protection dogs should fit nicely within a home environment and demonstrate proper etiquette and respect for property and boundaries. This includes manners around guest, in the car or within the home and they should not demonstrate any behavioral problems for example soiling in the crate/house or destroying property. 

To break down the cost of investing in a protection dog we will say the average cost of a protection dog is around $50,000. With the price of the dog comes with extra expenses for delivery, annual vet care and food. The average German shepherd lives for 13 years not taking in consideration potential health conditions. Most protection dogs are delivered by the age of 15-24 months. In this case $50,000 for 10 years of having the dog makes $5,000 annually or a $417 monthly initial investment. Investing in a protection dog is as important of a decision as buying a car or a house; with the uncertain future, safety is a top priority.

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