The importance of protection dog deliveries

by | Jan 7, 2021

The importance of protection dog deliveries

During the process of purchasing a protection dog the delivery itself is the most exciting part. Finally you get to welcome your new fearless protector into your home. Deterrent Dogs LLc makes the process as smooth as possible so you don’t have to worry about acclimating the dog to family members or current animals within the household. 

The most common questions are:

Why are deliveries accompanied by a trainer?

What are the benefits of a trainer guided delivery? 

What if I choose not to have a delivery? 

Three steps to delivery

The first step is the purchase of the dog. In this process the client becomes informed about our available dogs. The appearance and abilities of a specific dog can be the first influence a client has when deciding on a dog. During this time it is very important that the client understands the difference between each available dog. Each video and picture is a snapshot of where the dog is at within their training in present time. Accompanied by performance and appearance is the background and personality of the dog. Once a decision is made on the most desirable and best suited dog for the client a purchase and sales agreement is signed.

The second step is training. This is when the questions arises of “Is the dog already trained?” The answer is yes and no. Dogs are not able to be trained and sold like on an assembly line. Every protection dogs gets customized training to the needs of the client. Our dogs have foundation in protection and obedience as well as socialization and environmental conditioning. Even though most dogs have a Schutzhund training background we have to make the training functional for real life situations. The time is takes to train a protection dog depends on the level of training and program. Only once the dog is finished with his/her customized training is when he/she can be delivered. 

Deliveries for our protection dogs are usually three days.

Three full days of training is to be expected for both clients in the US and Europe. For other countries this can be longer depending on flight duration. The first day is the arrival. On this day the owner and family meet the dog perhaps for first time. This depends if the owner has already visited the dog throughout its training. During this time the client receives all necessary information; Including how to feed the dog, how often to walk him and more general information about the care and routine. After the “meet and greet” the handling instruction begins. Our handling guidance and training techniques are very unique to our company and offers the best handling skills to be successful protection dog owners. Our clients are able to utilize the training to their full potential and have the best understanding of training principles. 

The trainer is able to support the new owner within obedience and protection. Confidence to handle within protection sometimes needs a day or two. Protection is something new for most clients. Our system is perfect; after just 3 days everyone is able to handle their dog. All you need is an open mind to learn something new; we take care of the rest.

In-home delivery

Deliveries can be held at our facility or at your residence (in-home). In-home deliveries are convenient and beneficial. A trainer is there to acclimate the dog to existing pets for example dogs, cats, and horses.You will be guided through introducing the dog to neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers.During this time a trainer will also help you to handle and maintain the training in a public setting such as a restaurant or shopping mall.Having a trainer there to introduce the dog to children is also easier during in-home deliveries. This offers the environment the children feel most comfortable in. Children are usually very excited about their new companion and want to be involved too which is encouraged.

In-home deliveries are also beneficial when working with clients that have special accommodations or needs. Home environments can put us within the clients daily routine and help us fully understand how to help each client.

In training facility delivery 

Deliveries are also available at our location. This means that the client travels to us. The trainer will help the client develop all skills necessary to handle the dog. Our facility location deliveries are identical to in-home deliveries and offers all the information and handling instructions needed to feel comfortable returning home. This type is beneficial for repeat clients who have already been through a delivery process.

The benefit of having a delivery in our facility is that the client also has the opportunity to handle multiple levels of protection dogs to develop additional handling skills. Of course, its only if you find it beneficial yourself; this can be a very fun experience for all handlers.

Puppy delivery

The delivery of a puppy is a little bit different. Puppies are purchased with no professional training and without a handling course. The puppy will be imported and shipped directly to the client from Europe. We provide the client with all the information about the puppy’s travel such as flight details, airline company, and arrival date. After purchasing a puppy every client will receive an email about what brand of food to feed, all equipment he/she needs, and general house breaking training. We offer one free online consultation after the dog arrives. For all our puppies we offer 10% discount on our program Obedience by Deterrent Dogs LLc. 

Why clients appreciate deliveries

We’ve experience a lot of clients that have previously owned a dog through a European broker. The most common confusion is pronunciation of Slovak, Czech or German commands. The reaction is always surprised when people realize they’ve been pronouncing commands incorrectly or mixing up commands. People also complain about lack of control of the dog or zero support after purchasing. A cheaper price can be convincing when buying directly from a broker but the costs after can be higher than purchasing a highly trained protection dog with full client care and support. Deterrrent Dogs LLc offers a lifetime support after purchase and delivery. Follow ups and handler refreshers as well maintenance training are available.

We are continuing our efforts to offer our clients the best resources, information and care. This makes our clients the most educated and responsible protection dog buyers and owners. 

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