Personal Protection Dog Program by Deterrent Dogs LLc

Personal protection dogs are highly trained dogs and ready to take action in any situation. They are trained to recognize and respond to potential threats. Personal protection dogs will turn on when necessary to provide functional protection. This makes them highly effective protectors for any family or individual. Whether it’s a home invasion or an outdoor threat, personal protection dogs are always ready to defend their owners.

Cost of a Personal Protection Dog

Priced between $65,000 and $90,000, our personal protection dogs offer everything that a family protection dog does, with an added edge. These dogs are highly attentive to their handler and possess a sharp awareness of their surroundings, making them valuable protectors for any family. Their willingness to please makes them even more obedient and trainable. This ensures that they will always be ready when necessary. If you’re looking for an effective personal protection dog, our program offers the perfect option.

Training of Personal Protection Dogs

Trained dogs in the Personal Protection Dog Program offered by Deterrent Dogs LLc are highly skilled in a wide range of advanced protection skills. From guarding cars and muzzle attacks, these dogs are proficient in all aspects of personal protection.

In addition to their their fighting skills, they are also highly obedient. Added tricks can be for fun to match the dogs natural ability. These dogs are true examples of precision and discipline with advanced obedience skills. Whether it’s protection or entertainment, these dogs are always ready to impress and exceed expectations.

Personal Protection Dog vs Level 4 Protection Dog

“Personal Protection Dogs” and “Level 4 Protection Dogs” are sometimes looked at as the same term to describe what type of training the dog has received. Sometimes the term Personal Protection Dog is also accompanied by the describing of a level 5 protection dog or even a level 3 protection dog.

It’s hard to dictate what level the dog is when the expectation per level varies company by company, at Deterrent Dogs LLc, we don’t label our available protection dogs into levels. Our focus is on explaining the individualized training for each dog with a guideline for commands and protection dog

Personal Protection Dog overview

Personal protection dogs by Deterrent Dogs LLc go through extensive training to reach advanced level of protective skills. Personal protection dog training includes off-leash obedience, giving full control in every situation. This makes them highly dependable personal protection dogs for personal protection and travel. The German Shepherd, among other breeds such as the Belgian Malinois with their trainability and eagerness to please, make up their qualities. Personal protection dogs are defined by their high performance and precision.

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