Important characteristics of protection dogs

by | Apr 16, 2024

Important characteristics of protection dogs

Protection dog characteristics 

When in the market for a protection dog, there are several characteristics that you have to understand. The ideal protection dog reflects the characteristics of the individual dog as well as the extent of training.

Our criteria for Protection Dogs

Protection dog‘s characteristics can differ from physical to mental. It’s important to understand that not every dog can be a protection dog. The quality of the protection dog reflects the intensity of training the dog can handle and mental stability. Performance, drive, and eagerness to learn are also important in the selection process. 

3 important criteria for Protection Dogs 

When choosing protection dogs for our program, we base our criteria on several factors. 

Individual quality 


Owner transfer 

Individual quality

Deterrent Dogs LLc takes into consideration every dog individually. During the buying process, we look at all the check boxes for the individual dog. Not every dog is the same, we, as professionals, need to be able to evaluate the dogs and select the 1% of them who will be future protection dogs. We have to be able to judge the qualities and know what the dog’s performance will look like when it is fully trained as a protection dog. This will also reflect which program they are assigned to. This is why we focus a lot on the individual dog, not just the breed of dog or lineage. Pedigree is not important when comparing dogs. Deterrent Dogs LLc selects all dogs as we would select dogs for our families. 

Protection dog trainability 

Deterrent Dogs LLc spends countless hours training protection dogs for every program. Our clients often live a very active life, and the dog is by their side. We instill manners that would be expected of any dog to be housed in a family or living environment.

Training protection dogs is complex and intensive compared to training a guard dog. Many people confuse guard dogs with protection dogs. A protection dog is more than just a dog barking behind a fence; they are trained to protect on command. They also need to be able to fly regularly, whether commercially or privately. 

For those reasons, trainability is very important for us. Every protection dog in our programs needs progress on a weekly basis. This is very different from sport dogs, where the trainers repeat the same exercises over and over for years. Our dogs need to be able to perform everywhere. 

Owner transfer

Every protection dog coming into our program was placed at least for two weeks in another family as the original owner. The reason is that we need to see how long the dog needs to adapt to the new environment. This is important because, after completing our training, the dog must be able to adapt one more time to his new family. The transfer process to new owner will done in 3 days during the in person delivery all our Protection dogs clients receive. 

Frequenty asked questions 

Can you train my dog to be a protection dog?

Deterrent Dogs LLc does not offer any protection dog training for individuals. Our training is very advanced, and we need quality dogs. Not to mention that all our dogs were professionally raised in Europe to be protection dogs. Training dogs that weren’t properly raised and building prey drive can take lot of time. Even if the client would be able to pay for the training the same amount as a fully trained dog, it makes no sense for us to do so because there is no guarantee that the dog would not perform on level as our dogs. 

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