Protection Dog Client Experience

Thank you Jesse for sharing your experience about us and leaving a glowing review. We are so happy that Colt has a wonderful home.

I’ll preface this by saying I interviewed a total of 7 companies for a protection dog. If you reach out to me I can tell you why I didn’t go with the others, some that you may be looking at, but the point of this post isn’t to disparage other companies.

I ended up buying a protection dog from Deterrent Dogs, I won’t go into qualifications or repeat what you can find on the website. I’m just going to provide a synopsis of my buying experience and the dog.

The pre-sales process was great and is mostly handled by Vannessa. She took her time to answer every question I had and I had a lot! I interviewed them for about 6 weeks before I made a decision. I appreciated during that time there was zero sales pressure. They are really looking to match the right dog to the right owner and that came through.

Vannessa really took her time to understand my situation and expectations and based on that info recommended 3 possible dogs to me.

I ended up buying a black german shepherd I named Colt.

Jan did the delivery of Colt. The delivery process was much more intense and involved than I thought it would be . I naively thought if you bought a fully trained dog he would show up and just listen to you, but there is a transfer of handlers that has to take place. Don’t get me wrong, the dog was doing what I was saying within the first two hours, but it’s not him that was being trained, it was me! The dog needs to understand what you want from him and needs to respect you to live up to his full potential.

Jan spent two long days with us on obedience training, and at my request, we pushed the protection work out 5 months. They typically do the protection work in that first delivery, but it was so much information I wanted to take a breath and just bond with the dog before we introduced the protection work.

I spent the 5 months bonding with Colt, working on obedience, integrating him into my life, developing a routine etc… During that time there are so many things that come up that you can’t anticipate like, what do I do in this situation type questions, and I would reach out to Jan or Vannessa any day any time and would get a response almost right away. I cannot stress enough that the after sales support for the dozens of questions I encountered has been absolutely invaluable. Without it I think I would have ended up ruining the training of the dog lol

Colt and I became best friends over those 5 months, and his obedience training and his manners are just unreal. I genuinely get stopped by people almost daily to compliment Colt on how he looks and how amazingly well behaved he is. He has the public manners of a service dog.

I finished the protection training with Colt last month, and it was such a great culmination of the last 6 months. The dog is incredible both in obedience and protection. I’ve owned 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the past, and I don’t think I can go back to any dog other than one that has been trained this level.

Having such a powerful dog pressed up against you holding someone off and ready to give his life for you is just such a powerful experience. It really makes you appreciate the extensive amount of work that goes into getting a dog to this level. I’m not going to lie that it’s kind of a big flex walking down the street with such a well behaved dog when you see everyone else’s dog pulling, not listening, barking and just misbehaving.
I cannot recommend this company enough if you are looking for a protection dog.

It isn’t cheap, but for me it is absolutely worth the investment. If you’d like to see a video of Colt’s protection training reach out to me, Jesse

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