Protection dogs in Puerto Rico

by | Apr 29, 2024

Protection dogs in Puerto Rico| A vigilant protection dog ensures safety and security for its owner in varied environments, exemplifying the commitment to professional security solutions by Deterrent Dogs LLC.

Over the years Deterrent Dogs LLc has delivered protection dogs around the world. The majority of our clientele are located within the United States, where crime rates are higher. One might wonder why someone would need a protection dog in Dubai, where it is a very safe place; but despite crime rates, protection dogs are needed and desired in many countries. We recently had a client move his family to Puerto Rico, and recently sold a protection dog who has been enjoying the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas.

International clients

Most of our clients are executives who live in multiple houses in different states or countries. Protection dogs give our clients peace of mind during travel and also when entering their homes. Deterrent Dogs LLc trains the protection dogs to the highest level, with the ability to detect intruders that may be hidden in the house.

There is no safe place

These high-end individuals know they attract unwanted attention everywhere. A luxury car or house in a lucrative part of town can be a potential target for criminals. Criminals are smart; they know how to watch someone, learn their routine, or see if someone is living in the house at the time. Some might argue that they can have alarm systems with cameras, and yes, they do. But even the fact that a house has cameras doesn’t stop people from breaking in.

Trained Protection dogs are able to detect and deter intruders. Sleeping in a house where someone broke in last week may not be the easiest. Having a trained guardian on-site makes it better.

Protection Dogs in Puerto Rico

In 2012, a law was passed that new residents pay 0% tax on capital gains. This has led young entrepreneurs and crypto-conscious individuals to move to the island. The most expensive listing in Puerto Rico was a home for $45 million in 2023.

On the opposite side, Statista reported that in 2023, Puerto Rico recorded around 17.2 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. In the year 2020, 556 people died as a result of international homicide in Puerto Rico. Also for this reason, our past client made it a priority that their Protection dog, moved with the family at the same time.

More than a dog

The fact that the Protection dogs we sell accompany the owner all the time makes them a lifestyle and part of the family. That’s why it’s very important that the owner doesn’t buy the dog just as an asset but also has a relationship with the dog. Having the perfect safe house and personal bodyguards is definitely good but doesn’t give you freedom. Being by yourself, just you and your dog, going for a walk and not having other people around.

What people do with Protection dogs

The answer is simple: everything. From having the dog as a 24/7 personal guardian to taking the dog shopping, to restaurants and hotels, bringing children to school or sports, and going for walks on the beach, and many more activities.

We can repair broken windows or doors, and material stuff can be covered with insurance. The only thing we can’t get back…is our life. Our clients understand this, and for this reason, they choose a Protection dog from Deterrent Dogs LLc.

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