Protection Dogs vs. Guard Dogs: Understanding the Difference

by | Apr 26, 2024

Protection Dogs vs. Guard Dogs| Deterrent Dogs LLc

Protection Dogs vs. Guard Dogs

Sometimes, understanding the difference between protection dogs and guard dogs can be confusing. In this blog, we will explain the distinction and address some other common questions.

Protection Dogs for Sale

Many people searching for protection dogs are new and unsure of what to look for, often using terms like guard dogs or family security dogs. This can further confuse them when the search results vary.

One company may refer to their dogs as protection dogs, while another calls them guard dogs. Why is this? What titles do protection dogs hold?

The Difference between Protection Dogs and Guard Dogs

Protection dogs are highly trained breeds, such as German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, intended to protect families and individuals. Guard dogs are known to naturally protect properties. Protection dogs serve as trained personal bodyguards.

Training of Protection Dogs

Protection dogs do not rely solely on natural instincts but are trained based on commands. Unlike untrained guard dogs, a confident, fully trained protection dog will not bark randomly. Functional obedience is crucial, with every protection dog trained on and off leash for client needs.

Titles of Protection Dogs

Protection dogs do not typically hold titles; those are reserved for sport dogs. The key difference is that protection dogs are trained for real-life scenarios, whereas sport dogs simulate them.

Functional Training

At Deterrent Dogs LLC, we train dogs for real-life situations. We prioritize functionality; if you want a recall from a sit position, simply command it. We’ve tested numerous dogs with and without titles; titles alone do not guarantee suitability as a protection dog.

Pedigree of Our Dogs

We focus on the individual dog’s qualities rather than pedigree or titles. While pedigrees may be impressive, they do not ensure the dog’s ability to protect you and your family if not properly trained.

Resume of Protection Dogs vs. Guard Dogs

Ultimately, the terminology matters less than the training. Ensure you’re investing in a protection dog, not a sport dog hastily repurposed.

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