Top 5 Fully Trained Protection Dogs For Sale: Find Your Perfect Guardian

by | Jan 31, 2024

Top 5 Fully Trained Protection Dogs For Sale: Find Your Perfect Guardian| Deterrent Dogs LLc

Selecting the right protection dog for your family may be overwhelming. In this blog, we will introduce five of our available protection dogs. All our available protection dogs are located in the USA and ready for new homes.

Fully-trained Protection Dogs for Sale: Ensuring Safety and Security for Your Family

For everyone who is looking for a new family security guard dog, are there three basic questions?

  • What gender should my new trained guard dog be?
  • What breed is best for my lifestyle?
  • What protection dog training level do I need?

What gender should my new trained guard dog be?

People often ask, Are males better protection dogs than females? There is no such thing as better or worse. Females are exactly as good at protection work as males. A lot of females are even better, faster, and more impressive. It is a very personal choice. The difference is more in size; some people prefer smaller dogs, while others want huge protection dogs. We at Deterrent Dogs have mostly huge, oversized males; that’s why females are a better option if you’re looking for a smaller companion.

What breed is best for my lifestyle?

The German Shepherd dog is the number one protection dog breed on the planet. There are so many benefits to this breed that we at Deterrent Dogs LLc have a primary focus on it. We offer a very small number of trained Belgian Malinois guard dogs. The major difference between these two dog breeds is their temperament. The German Shepherd is more calm and laid-back compared to the active Belgian Malinois. For those reasons, even if we offer trained Belgian Malinois for sale, they are German Shepherds in the body of Belgian Malinois.

What protection dog training level do I need?

If we take into consideration that the client is looking for a fully trained protection dog, not just a companion or a trained deterrent dog, we offer three levels of protection dogs.

Family Protection Dog Training Level, Personal Protection Dog Training Level, and Elite Protection Dog Training Level.

Dogs in all training programs have fully come with unmatched, fully off-leash obedience. No yelling is needed; just a normal, calm tone. We are very proud to see how our clients love and enjoy the freedom they can give their dogs. Taking the dog places, other people don’t even think about taking their dogs and get compliments on how great their dog behaves.

Additionally, all dogs come with functional protection. The major difference is in the caliber of the dog and what the client needs. Our master trainer, Vannessa, will be more than happy to navigate you to the right dog.

Family Protection Dog Megy

Megy is a strong German Shepherd female. Megy is a European import from the finest working line. Her obedience is very motivated, and she does everything very energetically because she loves to do what her owner asks of her. The protection work is incredible. Megy doesn’t know boundaries; she flys in decoy. She is so good that a lot of males can’t compete with her. On the other side, Megy is very sweet and will make the best family member. Megy has hours of training and a lot of experience.

Family Protection Dog Ciro

We love this black-sabled German Shepherd. Ciro was raised for us in the same family as our past-sold dog, Dexter. Dexter is a family protection dog with an autistic girl (8). It is mind-blowing how he could positively influence her life. Ciro is the same. The fact that he grew up in a family with very small children can be seen in his behavior. He is very gentle with children, and even in stressful situations, he would rather avoid them and lay down. Ciro has nice, functional off-leash obedience and strong protection. He is the ideal type of guard dog, despite his deep bark and very strong bites.

Elite Protection Dog Ace

This beautiful German Shepherd is so unique that it is even hard to say what is unique about him because everything is it. Ace is an oversized German Shepherd with a big head and a big personality. If we take him places, he gets attention everywhere; people are just amazed by his size and personality. Ace is extremely strong in protection but very easy to handle; even a new owner without any previous experience will be able to handle him as a professional.

Family Protection Dog Sephora

Sephora is a one-year-old eauropen Doberman for sale. The European doberman Sephora comes from the best European breeding lines. She was raised and trained at Deterrent Dogs LLC, and she will be available for sale soon. For those who can’t wait, visit our Instagram profile, you can see some pictures and videos from her obedience. Sephora is very motivated for beautiful competition heeling. We don’t offer Dobermans often because it is so hard to find one who will be able to do all the stuff we expect. Sephora is one of hundreds of dogs who fits the criteria. She has a very sweet personality and will make the best companion ever.

Elite Protection Dog King Lennox

Lennox is a doberman world dog, the firstborn in hundreds of years. Amazing-looking, with the best of the best obedience and unstoppable protection. Lennox is not for everyone, and we are very picky about who he will sell to. His price is $350,000. This is not a typo; yes, his price is $350,000. This dog is the personal dog of the owner of Deterrent Dogs LLc, and no offer under the asking price will be accepted. Lennox will be sold just as a pet to the best family. We got a lot of our clients to meet him, and everyone was just amazed by him.

All these five dogs will be great family security dogs, ready to protect their owners. Deterrent Dogs LLc sells a limited number of protection dogs to guarantee clients the best quality. Visit our website to learn more about us and our dogs. Read what our clients say about us, or just follow us on social media. Vannessa, our master trainer and co-founder, will be more than happy to help you. We don’t want to sell you any dog, just the right one. That’s why it’s very important for us to understand your needs, your lifestyle, and your expectations.

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