What is a personal protection dog?

by | Feb 18, 2024

What is a personal protection dog? Trained Protection dog

Personal protection dogs are highly trained working dogs to protect individuals and families. Everyone in life comes across situations where they wish someone else was on their side and had their back. Unexpected visitors, delivery drivers, or weird people in the parking lot can bring a lot of anxiety. A Protection Dog is a personal bodyguard, live camera system, and highly trained professional who will lose his life to protect his loved ones.

All You Need to Know About Protection Dogs

The most common misconception is that people think every dog can be a personal protection dog. We often hear people say, My dog would protect me if I needed it.” The reality is that this is just a wish. Protection Dogs at Deterrent Dogs LLc are specifically raised and trained dogs from the best European breedings. 

The selection is very extensive before we start the training. At this point, it is very important to mention that, compared to other “personal protection dogs,“ our personal protection dogs have strict off-leash obedience. We are proud to say that our clients can handle their personal protection dogs purchased from us at such a high level that even the most regular trainers can handle their dogs. 

As one of our clients said, “it’s kind of flexing to have a dog trained on this level and be able to know how to handle.”. 

The personal protection dog is trained to protect his owner in different situations. The Personal Protection Dog is also a great alarm and will let you know if someone is in your backyard. The training of a personal protection dog is very advanced. The result is trained dogs that are able to turn on and off. As a bonus, our dogs at Deterrent Dogs LLc are fully controlled off leash as well as in protection. 

Personal Protection Dogs are good with cats. 

Our Personal Protection dogs in all our training levels are socialized with other dogs, small and large males and females. Horses and cats are part of our training routine. We have clients with cats all the time. Their priority is safety, so we make sure we select the best dog and also introduce your cat to your new dog properly.

Personal Protection Dogs: Introduction 

Most of our clients fully trust our expertise and buy dogs without meeting them. The delivery of a personal Protection dog is a very important part because we at Deterrent Dogs LLc understand how important it is to make you feel confident about your new companion. People are sometimes nervous if they can handle the dog. 

After the 3 days of the protection dog delivery, you will be able to handle your new personal protection dog as well as other people of the proper age in your house. 

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Some people still call them guard dogs or family security dogs. 

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