Who should own a protection dog?

by | Sep 21, 2020

As a human being we are all slightly different and have different priorities in life; maybe your priority is to have a stable job, a new car every two years, a nice cozy house for your family and good health. These are common wishes that we all want for a comfortable lifestyle. But what happens when one day we realize that one of the priorities we should have, that people commonly forget, is safety.

A smashed window, a broken door lock, your spouse and children are screaming from an unexpected intruder. At that moment, one begins to think differently. The window can be replaced and the door can be repaired, but regaining a sense of security is not that easy. Our lives and our loved ones lives are the most valuable to us than anything materialistic.

Usually, when people experience a similar experience, they start looking for alternatives to common security systems and security guards. Some criminals are organized with well-technically equipped equipment and the best security alarm won’t deter a criminal.

When all the popular methods of protecting themselves, their valuables and property begin to seem ineffective people usually come up with the idea we need a watchdog for protection. They then run into another problem and that is what is a real protection dog? What qualities must they meet? Will a dog naturally protect me? What breed should I buy?

And the most common question is will I be able to control such a dog at all?

A protection dog is a dog that is specially trained to protect life, valuables, or property. The training is focused on real life situations where during the training the dog is prepared for various scenarios. There is no need to confuse the term protection dog with dogs that are trained for sport purposes. Sport dogs are trained to give sport performance; a pre-trained course and exercises within a location that has been conditioned to the same routine to be judged based on performance and preciseness, not to protect a person.

A good Protection dog must have a strong genetic makeup in order to handle the demanding training, but the training is done on command. If a person should rely only on whether the dog is congenital and will protect him in a given situation, he can also take the dog from the shelter and give the dog a chance for a loving home. Unfortunately, this does not work, so it is very important to find out well before the purchase and get an overview.

Many times people think that fighting breeds are suitable for defense training, but the opposite is true. At Deterrent Dogs LLc, we usually only place and train German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, and on occasion Dobermans and Rottweilers. It is very important that the dog is self-confident, social, predictable (that he does not attack people for no reason) and that he is able to acclimate to a new family without any problems.

This will actually answer the question, will I be able to control the Protection dog? Our exceptional training focused on controllability without a guide, regardless of the situation, is set up so that even a complete beginner after 5 minutes of instruction is able to control the dog.

Why is that so? Because every dog at Deterrent Dog LLc is trained with the view that it must be controllable by a person whose abilities are limited by experience. The customer himself will receive instruction and a three-day training during which he has enough time to reconcile with the dog under the supervision of the trainer, which will speed up the whole process.

Last question in conclusion is who can own a Protection dog?

Everyone wants to increase the protection of themselves, their family and property. Regardless of gender, age or health status, our trainers at Deterrent Dogs LLc can adapt the training to the requirements of each customer.

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