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At Deterrent Dogs LLc, we recognize that buying a protection dog is a significant emotional decision. Rest assured, we are committed to guiding you throughout this process.

The Deterrent Dogs LLc Difference

At Deterrent Dogs LLc we provide the best quality protection dogs. All our trained dogs are hand-delivered to clients worldwide. Maintaining lifelong support and client relationship in our priority. We spend the time to learn about your needs and expectations to match the right dog to your lifestyle.

All dogs are trained at the highest levels to achieve performance and functionality. Obedience and protection dog training is customized to clients needs. We dedicate our time, skills, and expertise to place the best protection dogs into households and families who need it most. Our highly trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are from the best genetics with ideal temperaments.

Deterrent Dogs LLc offers a range of protection dog levels with exceptional appearance. We focus on quality of protection dogs not quantity. Limited availability is due to effort, time and training that is implemented into each and every one of our available protection dogs.

Protection Dog Selection Process

Our protection dog selection process is very in-depth. We take in very important considerations and factors. Puppy candidates are hand selected and raised for our program in approved family homes in Europe. Adult candidates are hand selected by Master Trainer and Company Owner, Jan Brejcak and go through extensive environmental and temperament testing. Prior to commitment all dogs go through health testing and spent 2-3 weeks in our kennels in Europe to assure proper behavior when switching handlers along side additional evaluation.

Executive Protection Dog Training

All chosen protection dog candidates are then put through a customized program designed by Deterrent Dogs LLc. These programs are strictly developed for personal and family protection dogs. Protection dog training is different from sport or titled dogs competing in competitions. We do not “flip” sport dogs into protection dogs. Every trained dog by Deterrent Dogs LLc is specifically raised and trained with personal and family protection in mind. Ensuring proper training, reaction, and behavior that is functional in real life situations is our priority.

Unmatched Obedience

We instill obedience to the highest standards. Our trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois protection dogs for sale include on and off leash control in obedience. We include in our programs commands you will use in every day life such as “lie-down” and “here” but also manners and performance based tricks. Obedience is a very important aspect to protection dog training and makes living with one easy. Every.

Trained protection dog offered by Deterrent Dogs LLc will listen to your command with a normal tone of voice. When we say functional obedience, we mean no food or leash necessary. Our highly trained protection dogs will listen to any command given. This makes transfer of handler a smooth process and helps new bonds between k9 companion and owner. After delivery, you too will have full control over your fully trained protection dog.

Protection Dog Training

Our available protection dogs are put into category of programs. Each program has protection skills and commands that vary in complexity. Deterrent Dogs LLc focuses on passive, active and surprise attacks which prepares the protection dogs for real life scenarios.

Our protection dog training levels range from on leash protection commands to off leash protection commands. We offer within our programs “turn on” and “turn off”, this means commanding the dog to show aggression with a vocal bark and to command the dog to stop showing aggression and disengage. This gives the owner the option to “turn on” the dog as a deterrent without actually sending the dog to attack.

Highly trained protection dogs are trained to attack on command. Once this command is used the dog will bite and apprehend the threat. The protection dog will then release the bite and recall back to the handler when asked. At Deterrent Dogs LLc we put every dog through extensive training drills and scenarios to make sure they are trained to the expectation of our clients. This means both mentally and physically preparing the dog to take on any threat when asked.

Protection Dog Purchase Process

Contact Us

Contact us by phone, email or form submission to get in touch about available protection dogs. During this time we discuss your lifestyle and preferences and direct you towards the best possible matches.

Sign Contract

Once you’re committed to a protection dog of your choice we send you the purchase and sales agreement to review and sign.

Schedule Delivery

Once payment is received and the sale is finalized we then schedule and plan the arrival of your new protection dog. This includes travel accommodations for both dog and trainer.


Congratulations! Your new protection dog is hand-delivered to your location with trainer guided instructions to show you how to handle your new protecter and utilize their protection skills.


Deterrent Dogs LLc has one of the best warranties when it comes to purchasing a protection dog. Every protection dog prior to delivery receives a complete health examination and issued a health certificate. Your protection dog will come updated on vaccinations and microchipped.

Get in touch now to find your future protection dog

Unlock a new level of security and companionship by exploring our range of highly trained protection dogs at Deterrent Dogs LLc. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional offerings or to see the impressive protection dogs available for sale.

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